Popcorn Fundraising Opportunities


Popcorn Fundraising Opportunities

Circle KidsDoes your organization need to raise funds through grassroots sales efforts? Jody's Popcorn fundraising programs easily engage your group members through sale of a product line they can be really excited about when knocking on neighborhood doors. Gourmet popcorn is much loved everywhere and our handcrafted batches will be made to your order when sales are complete.

Need custom labels to show team spirit, school pride, church affiliation or group branding? No problem! We can make this happen.

Jody's Popcorn grassroots sales are more widely enjoyed than chocolate bars and other traditional group fundraising selections. Everyone loves Jody's and our products are excellent options for raising of monies by nonprofit groups, schools and other such community organizations to raise funds for their programs.

Team Kids


Ready to get started? There are two ways to conduct your fundraising program with Jody's Popcorn.

Self-Service Through This Website
This first option for fundraising provides your organization with 40% to 50% profit on all sales. We supply a downloadable and printable color order form for your participants to sell the products face-to-face in your community.

Customer pricing as this part of this program is $5.50 for popcorn. Group members can opt to sell only popcorn, Yum!

When all of the orders have been taken, you have two choices for handling. First, your group can keep 40% of the proceeds if we pack the orders by participant's name for their convenient and quick delivery to their own customers.

OR, if you would like to keep a whopping 50% of the proceeds, we will ship all of the products together in bulk and your group may separate each participant's orders yourselves. Your choice, your funds, your way!

Download and/or print forms here, to get started now!

Raised Hands

MyTeamWorks.org Fundraising
MyTeamWorks.org provides an enhanced way to sell Jody's Popcorn. By using this link, you can set up your group's profile online and sell through that organization's website to your group members, family and friends.

Whichever method you choose, get ready to raise those much-needed funds while putting a smile on everyone's faces! Everyone loves Jody's Popcorn!