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About Jody's

My Love for popcorn goes back to my college years. In fact, My Husband Alan, hid my engagement ring in a box of caramel popcorn! Our new home, the resort City of Virginia Beach, was missing fresh caramel corn. We were determined to fill that void with popcorn more delicious than anything we had ever tasted. We began development of the recipe in our kitchen, where Alan tweaked batch after batch. Our motto was “Amazing or Bust.” After 53 tries, we arrived at “Amazing”- Recipe 53 Caramel Corn! Today our flagship store on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront is an icon for vacationers and a staple for locals. And, as we share our popcorn nationwide, we still put it through the same rigorous trials. To achieve our indulgent flavors, we pop our corn daily, use only the finest ingredients and never use preservatives. We hope you love our popcorn as much as we enjoy making it!

Jody's Popcorn was founded by Jody and Alan Wagner in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2005. We first started in a whimsically designed store at the beachfront in 31 Ocean Shops, where we sold gourmet popcorn, fudge, sweets, snacks and much more just one block from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. 

Satisfying Growing Demand

We later expanded to a production facility where we still handcraft our gourmet flavored popcorn for sale coast-to-coast.

We count on you, our fellow retailers, to offer our popcorn in your neighborhood!

Over the years we have found that if a customer tries our popcorn, he or she wants to buy it! So we have delivered an extensive program to assist you in offering samples to your customers - please take advantage of it - it will help your sales soar!

If we can be of any assistance, please call our friendly customer service representatives at 757-422-8646

We look forward to partnering with you to help make your popcorn sales POP! 


All the best - Jody